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Super CE Weekend

The Danville Area Training Center will host the 13th Super CE Weekend February 16 - 18, 2024. Over three days, providers will be able to participate in 7 one-hour courses per day to receive continuing education (CE) hours. There will be classes for BLS / ALS in all five areas. Bob Page will be offering his HIGH Performance Ventilation Class on Sunday. This class will take place in Training Room #2 while the other classes for the day are taking place in Training Room #1. Bob's class will start at 1:00pm and finish at 5:00pm. Separate registration for HPV Class takes place here: 

Classes will be streamed to Gretna Fire & Rescue, Pittsylvania County Public Safety Training Room in Chatham, Virginia International Raceway (employees), and Danville Fire Dept. Station #1 (employees). If you plan to attend in Chatham or Gretna, email Kasey (PCPS) at This allows her to prepare for the number of providers attending.  

There is no charge for this event. Registration is now open. Each day is broken into two sessions. The morning sessions will have three classes. The afternoon sessions will finish the day with four classes.

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Registration is required. Be considerate. Only sign up for sessions which you're sure you can attend. Students must bring their EMS provider card with barcode to have hours recorded. If you don't have yours, go to the Virginia EMS portal to print a new copy. You can also download the Va. OEMS app and enter your information. We can scan from the app! If you are unable to attend a session for which you registered, please cancel to make your spot available.

Friday - February 16th, 0800 - 1130 Classes:

  • Infection Control Update - Bill Hankins

  • Burn Essentials for Emergency Personnel - Dr. Jeff Litt

  • Compliance - The Names have Been Changed to Protect the Guilty - Ronald Passmore

Register for Friday morning

Friday - February 16th, 1230 - 1715 Classes:

  • Durable DNR - Ronald Passmore

  • Cardiac ALS - Tim Phalen

  • Cardiac - Tim Phalen

  • MAPping Out a Blood Pressure - Brian Alderson

Register for Friday afternoon

Saturday - February 17th, 0800 - 1130 Classes:

  • Death Notifications - Brian Alderson

  • Sepsis - Gary Ayers

  • Stroke Management - Gary Ayers

Register for Saturday morning

Saturday - February 17th, 1230 - 1715 Classes:

  • Torso and Chest Trauma - Gary Ayers

  • Heart Failure - Gary Ayers

  • Peds Trauma - Joseph Amos

  • Adult Trauma - Joseph Amos

Register for Saturday afternoon

Sunday - February 18th, 0800 - 1130 Classes:

  • Portable Respiratory Monitoring - Bob Page

  • 12 Lead for BLS Providers (Part I & II) - Bob Page

Register for Sunday morning

Sunday - February 18th, 1230 - 1715 Classes:

  • Pediatric Assessment - JoAnn Lohr

  • Silent MI - JoAnn Lohr

  • Pediatric MCI Triage - Michael Garnett

  • EMS Rescue Task Force Best Practices - Michael Garnett 

Link for Sunday afternoon

Register separately for Bob Page's HPV on Sunday afternoon:

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