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Healthy Heart Tips

The heart is an amazing muscle. Each minute, your heart pumps roughly 1.5 gallons of blood and every cell in the body (except the corneas) gets blood from the heart. However, many people do not take care of their heart as well as they should. Heart disease is the greatest health threat in both men and women. To ensure your heart is in its best shape, follow these tips:

  • Cut Down on Saturated Fats

    • Saturated fats are mainly found in meat and full-fat dairy

    • Choose leaner cuts of meat and reduced-fat options

  • Stop Eating Foods High in Trans Fats

    • Many processed foods are high in trans fats

    • Eat less sweets, frozen biscuits, instant breakfast sandwiches, fried fast foods, etc. 

  • Choose Healthy Foods

    • Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds

  • Exercise More

    • Exercise at least 30 minutes five days a week

    • Limit sitting and driving for long periods of time

  • Stop Smoking

    • Stop using cigarettes and e-cigarettes

    • Stay away from secondhand smoke

  • Manage Stress

    • Find ways to keep stress low and stay positive

    • Try yoga, exercise, spending time with family or friends and laughing

  • Manage High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

    • See a doctor for appropriate medications

    • Eat healthy and exercise more often

If you or a loved one experiences chest pain or discomfort, upper body pain, shortness of breath, nausea, lightheadedness, or cold sweats, dial 911 immediately. You may be having a heart attack. An estimated 735,000 Americans suffer from a heart attack each year and 610,000 die of heart disease annually.

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